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Project Description
DotNetNuke module that allows you to overrule the language a specific page, without using any other localization solutions. Brought to you by 40FINGERS

The module allows you to force a page into a certain language / locale essentially overwriting the DNN local set for the portal.
This is especially useful for sites where a limited number of pages is in a different language.

The Module support all languages, they don't have to be active.
When a language pack is available for module on the page (or DNN itself) it will be used, if not the default language will show.

My main reason to create this module was for websites where there are only a few pages in a certain language or where they are added to a site that already exists.

On an existing Dutch site we added a root page named "English" with some child pages.
The works fine, but you have an issue when one of the used modules uses static localization.
For instance for a send button, that would show up in Dutch and not in English.

With this module you can force DNN to use the proper language files, by setting the page language to US-English (and install the English language pack for the module).

Demo Website:

Minimum DNN version: 5.6.3

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